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Are you getting enough ROL?

LOL! We all need lots of ROL in our lives. I have lashing of it at the moment. It’s critical to keep thriving. Do you have your share? WTF? Read on to find out.

It’s said ‘luck’ is when opportunity and preparation coincide. That happened to me recently. I got lucky, and was ‘forced’ to do some serious homework on a very topical issue. I did a good job, and created content of real value. What’s key is whether I get maximum leverage from this good fortune. I need to do this brilliantly:

Something Incredibly Powerful To Help You Triumph In Tough Times

Wow! The year has started with a breathtaking avalanche of change, challenge, opportunity. It’s intense. To cope with this tsunami of uncharted waters, we need one thing constantly by our side. Without it, we simply won’t make it. Here it is.

Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating is passionate about the power of confidence.

“Confidence,” he says. ‘is not something you can’t get by swallowing every now and then a can of ‘confidence’ spinach. It has to be continually with you.” He believes confidence comes from experience. That’s true. And confidence also comes from something every one of us has within our grasp. You have it. I have it. I do it. Always. Do you? I hope so. Here it is.

7 Golden rules to giving great presentations

Speaking in public ranks close to death as amongst most people’s greatest fears. Yet being able to present well is a vital skill needed to succeed in most careers.

Presentations are critical ‘moments of truth’ – where we persuade prospects to hire us, existing clients to fund new campaigns, or colleagues and bosses to support our ideas. Yet we often neglect simple rules without which presentations will fall flat and fail.

Here are the 7 Golden Rules I have learnt to ensure I give winning presentations. And the first and most important was learnt from a man who epitomised Danny Devito on crack. In fact, injecting a bit of Hollywood into presentations is part of the secret. Here’s how.