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Three Words To Define Your Year

I’m back with gusto to writing Possums! All because of three words which have inspired me to make 2019 awesome. Read on for the magic…..

2018 was good, but tough. Frantically busy, ‘successful’ first half. Reflection, soul-searching, recalibration in the second. In looking for inspiration to channel energies into 2019, I stumbled upon this razor-sharp idea. It will ensure I keep strong and on track as the grind unfolds. It will for you too. Start by imagining this – it’s the last day of this year….

The Secret To Igniting Your Career

“How did you you know you wanted to become a pilot?” I asked Pilot Sam. His response had a twist. It’s a message critical for happy, thriving, long-lasting careers. There’s magic in this. Read on.

We were dining beside the Bosphorus in Istanbul, sipping raki after a stupendous meal. My guest was Pilot Sam, a senior Turkish Airlines captain with 11,000 flying hours.

I expected a story about his seeing a plane in the sky above as a kid, and his knowing instantly his passion was for flight. How nothing makes him feel as free or inspired as controlling an aircraft through the skies. How sunrises from 30,000 feet make you feel like you can touch the face of God. Okay- I am going on a bit- but you get the idea.

Instead, Pilot Sam told me this story. It has a big message: in fact, this secret to success and career happiness:

Having clarity on your true Purpose is the key to loving what you do: and doing what you love.

This Will Give You Your Just Desserts – Promise!

Having a personal ‘purpose’ is all the rage. Most seem to be about doing good for others. Mine too. Enough already!! We’re deluding ourseves. Rather, get totally self-focussed. Here’s why.

I’m in Cape Town, visiting my dear friend Tiramisu Graham. He’s a unique character. He loves doing things for others. Always has done. Last time I was here my then 10 year old mate was panting for the tiramisu dessert on the lunch menu. When it was time to order, it was sold out! He was devastated. I heard Graham that afternoon phoning restaurants, but paid little attention. At dinner, as menus were handed out, he whispered to my mate: “Oh, and they have tiramisu. I reserved a giant serving for you.” My mate beamed. Graham beamed. “It’s a pleasure,” he said to my mate’s excited thanks. And that’s the point.