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Get Gritty To Be Future-Fit

Here’s the one habit that will keep each of us relevant and valuable during times of rapid change. Do you have it?

It’s the worst of times, and the best of times. Our worlds are transforming – and fast. Now artificial intelligence is at the centre of a new wave of change.

But change is our friend. The more technology changes work and roles, the more critical one thing we humans can do so much better than a machine becomes. Hone these skills to survive and thrive. Here is what we have that will save us.

You Must Know This About No

If you can ‘sell’, you become hugely valuable. Here’s a brutal truth about selling. It’s the difference between success and failure. Do you know it?

Selling is hard. It needs courage. Resilience. Confidence. In modern business, the ability to ’sell’ is more critical than ever. Yet the process is fraught with setbacks and rejection. It can be depleting and draining. Unless you believe this one brutal truth. Here it is.

This Will Give You Your Just Desserts – Promise!

Having a personal ‘purpose’ is all the rage. Most seem to be about doing good for others. Mine too. Enough already!! We’re deluding ourseves. Rather, get totally self-focussed. Here’s why.

I’m in Cape Town, visiting my dear friend Tiramisu Graham. He’s a unique character. He loves doing things for others. Always has done. Last time I was here my then 10 year old mate was panting for the tiramisu dessert on the lunch menu. When it was time to order, it was sold out! He was devastated. I heard Graham that afternoon phoning restaurants, but paid little attention. At dinner, as menus were handed out, he whispered to my mate: “Oh, and they have tiramisu. I reserved a giant serving for you.” My mate beamed. Graham beamed. “It’s a pleasure,” he said to my mate’s excited thanks. And that’s the point.

Addendum to this week’s post about the pilot

Within hours of this week’s Wrestling Possums post going live with the story on the Qantas pilot who safely brought a troubled flight to safety by focusing on what he had, rather than what he’d lost , I received an email from the very captain himself. Richard thanked me for sharing his story and for […]

What I Did Alone In My Hotel Room This Morning-And You Can Do It Too!

I have learnt a new idea about what to do by myself every morning when no-one is watching. It’s perhaps the most exhilarating 10 minutes you can spend with yourself. I have just done it, and before leaving my hotel room, am going to share this gem with you… if you dare!

I’m in Phuket and a bit disappointed. I have visited here four times previously, twice in the late 80s, twice in the early 90s (different girlfriend each time- those were the days!). I haven’t been back for almost 20 years. Until this business trip brought me here for two days. Phuket has changed. For me, for the worse. Over-developed, dirty, crowded. For others no doubt, for the better. And it is still a beautiful place.

But I cheered up when I focused my thoughts on how fortunate I am to have been here many times before, filled with laughter, sunshine and fun. I took those memories with me to the very quiet 10 minutes I spent with myself just after I woke up. This is what I did, and why I encourage you to give it a go too.