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Why We All Need To Be 60 Percenters To Survive

If our industry is to make it through this crisis, and if we’re to keep our jobs, we need to swallow bitter medicine.

This is what it tastes like: we need to volunteer NOW to take a 40% pay cut. Awful tasting medicine! Here’s why.

The Critical Moment Flight 32 Was Saved From Disaster- And The Message For Our Lives (In My Case, 40 Years Too Late)

Minutes after a Qantas Flight 32 engine exploded, and with the plane on the edge of disaster, the pilot suddenly broke all the rules. His mindset shift saved the plane, and provides a powerful message for how we approach our lives and careers. I wish I’d heard it 40 years ago as a young shaver. It would have prevented big anxiety, pain and missed opportunity. Here is this beautiful insight.

Captain Richard Champion de Crespigny was on radio this week, talking about a charity which helps disabled children learn to ski. “Hmmmm,” I mused. “Wonder what the link is here between de Crespigny and this disabled children story. Why is he the right spokesperson? Sure- he (with a team) saved Qantas Flight 32, but where’s the link?”

“Boom, boom went the two explosions,” de Crespigny explained. “Suddenly, we were experiencing ‘unconditional engine failure’. We followed the process, and immediately worked to identify all malfunctions and aspects of the plane that were not working. The list was unbelievable. It seemed never ending. And then I changed my mindset, broke the rules and took the first step to saving the plane. What I did was this:

One Steamy Night In Bangkok and A Major Wake Up Call

A conversation in Phuket followed by one night in Bangkok have left my heart beating faster and butterflies in my stomach. I am now questioning the way I lead my life. I bet it gets you thinking too, and perhaps will leave you as unsettled as I am right now. Here’s why.

I am not sure this story will flow. It’s seriously eating away at me. And I hope- will eat away at you. Something good has to come out of it. Please.

Last week in Bangkok I was reminded of the death there two decades ago in a coup incident of Australian war photographer, Neil Davis. He’d led an amazing life, and died a tragic, needlessly premature death. But here’s the point. I was reminded of how Davis described his approach to life: it’s a magical philosophy:

Have Courage-Do This One Magical Thing For Your Business And Your Life

One of our leaders took what many would say was a big risk last week. He asked us to an ‘urgent’ meeting, where he then outlined why his business was in ‘deep trouble’. We left the meeting delighted. Huh? How can that be? Bad news and we were thrilled? Here’s why. It’s a powerful message for business, and for life- if you’ve got the courage.

Actually, as CEO Mike and I walked across town to our next meeting, we concluded this business was NOT in deep trouble. It was underpinned with strength and vitality, with great people and deep specialization. But it had simply drifted away from its ‘heartland’, from what it did best. By playing again to its strengths, it would thrive.

What excited us most about the meeting was the pace of progress made in the discussion. This was made possible by all in the room doing one very simple thing. It’s very hard to do, but if you form the habit, incredibly refreshing and invigorating. Here it is.