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YES – Please

Hey- it’s my blog and I’ll lobby if I want to. And today I do want to encourage all Possumites to take action and do this one very, very important thing. Are you up to it? YES!

I was at a fabulous Ashton Media conference in the Hunter Valley last week, all about the latest in advertising and modern marketing. One example of great, purposeful work showcased video interviews supporting the YES vote in Australia’s impending postal vote by 24th October. A typical ‘Aussie bloke’ father reflected on how he reacted to his son telling him that he – the son – was gay. The Dad came to realise this:

If You Want A Great Next Role Get Ill First

“It took me 130 coffees to land the ideal next role for me,” said my breakfast companion on Friday. 130 coffees, hey. Now that would make you pretty ill. And that’s the point of this story. You need to get ill if you want to secure the very best role you can. Here’s why.

I am a huge fan of making the grass greener on this side of the fence; to try to fix your current role so it is inspiring and great. But sometimes the reality is that we need to move on- and finding that outstanding, insanely perfect next role can be a daunting challenge.

As your career evolves and you get more senior, it becomes tougher for the perfect opportunity to ‘land’. And that’s where the ‘Get Ill First’ strategy comes into play. This is what it is and how it works.

Are You Brave Enough To Try This? Not Sure I Am…..

I am writing about something I am terrible at, and often petrified by. It’s uncomfortable. Yet this one simple habit makes for better leadership and relationships. It can also be disastrous, if mismanaged. I am determined to improve. It won’t be easy. Are you brave enough to join me? Truthfully?

All my life I have struggled with this one trait. Maybe it was the fear of hurting other people’s feelings? Or fear that somehow I’d look bad or inadequate if I did it. I’ve dodged it whenever I can, or approached it in a weird and circular fashion.

A good business or life coach does it well. The Brand Guy is advocating it. My sage counsel Rob is passionate about it. Our CEO is good at it. I have role models. But still I struggle to do this one thing consistently. And I bet you struggle too. Here it is: