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Why “Follow Your Passions” Is Dangerous Advice

I learnt something this week which will stop me from ever encouraging anyone to ‘follow their passions.’ Oh- I’ve said it many times. But never again. It’s just too dangerous advice. Here’s why.

I know of several young adults finishing school who are deciding career paths, and university course choices. My advice to them: ‘Follow your passions.’ It’s the new age approach, right? Then I actually thought about it. It’s deeply flawed counsel. How on earth does a 17 year old have any clue what their passions are? I’m 54 and am only just getting some clarity on what these might be for me.

Sir Ken Robinson talks about ‘working in your element’: doing what you love and what you’re good at. It’s within that concept that the best advice to any younger talent lies. It’s not about passion. It’s about the other bit. Here it is:

What Is The Best Job In The World For You?

I was talking with creative icon Bruce Matchett in Singapore about making sure we don’t waste the opportunity to do something every day we really love doing. Then he asked me a question I have been thinking about ever since. Here it is. Bet it’s the toughest you’ve been asked in a while.

I like Sir Ken Robinson’s concept about working in your element….doing every day what you love and that you are really good at. If you can work in your element, says Sir Ken, you will never work another day in your life. Instead, you’ll be fully energized and having the time of your life!

Now- – I posed this question in a recent blog post: “What would you do now if you knew you could not fail?” And it was this question that Bruce countered with an even more powerful thought. Bruce’s question forces us to get very clear on what we really, really want to do every day. It is similar to my previous ask, but sharper, better. Here it is. Give it a go.

A knight to remember- this changed my life

I just learnt something so powerful it has profoundly changed me. It’s an insight I wish I had known 35 years ago. It would have changed my life’s path, and is changing it now. Here’s what a very wise man told me….

His name is Ken Robinson. Sir Ken to be precise. He’s an educator. A thinker. An inspiring speaker. It was David Ogilvy’s 100th birthday. And the auditorium was packed with 2,000 communications industry executives from around the world, eager to hear Sir Ken’s 40 minutes on ‘how to become more creative.’

In the midst of his speech, Sir Ken shared the insight that has changed my life. It’s so simple, so obvious. Yet- I’d never realised it before. Now that I do, it dominates my thinking about what I do, how I can be happier and how I can contribute more.