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We Love You, Steve

Some say Bill Clinton is the world’s most seductive human being – because of his deep listening and storytelling skills. It’s not true. Steve is. Here’s why.

Steve Lyons passed away in a Kuala Lumpur hospital 16 years ago last week. PK was holding his hand. Mine was on Steve’s knee. He was surrounded by love. And all those who knew him and hear his name today still feel that love- just as deeply as we did all those years ago. Why? Quite simply this:

The Six Biggest Take-Outs from Cannes Lions 2014 & What We Need To Do About It

This is a one-off Possums post- different to the norm. Delete if not relevant to you. But if you are in business, and want to know the major, critical trends happening globally in marketing and communications, then do read this. It has some powerful insights

The annual Cannes Festival of Creativity means many different things to many different delegates.
Some party hard. Others connect. Lots go for the Awards. For me, it’s all about the content.

Out of all the content presented at this year’s conference held in June, there are six big take-outs for me that are front-of-mind. Not earth shattering. But for me, will help shape many conversations and focus for the months ahead. Here they are.