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Fiji, The Futurist and a Rather Big Survival Wake Up Call

I went to Fiji a few weeks ago to speak at a big conference. A futurist who did the opening keynote said something brilliant and simple. It shocked me- a startling truth about business today, and a critical key to survival. Here it is.
I wrote a post recently about what David Tudehope , who founded Macquarie Telecom, said to me about the secret to his success: “It’s the ability to adapt and change that underpins success.”
And futurist Mike Walsh, CEO of innovation research agency Tomorrow, crystalizes this thought quite violently really when he advises us what to do about ‘change’ if our businesses are to survive. Six words. Powerful words. They have shaken me. And are in my mind everyday as we work on STW’s future growth. Here they are:

The Charging Black Rhino and Woody Allen = A Secret to Success

The Black Rhino was about 20 metres away, pissed off, traveling fast, horn lowered for action, and charging right at me. Did my life flash before me? Strangely not- all I could think of was Woody Allen. True. Here’s why. And it is a major lesson in life.

Each morning early (5.30 a.m.) and in the afternoon, we’d go out in to the game reserve in an open air jeep searching for game, with a guide and ranger. We saw amazing things. Leopards up a tree with a kill (dead impala), with four lions trying to climb it. Lions mating. Leopards fighting with hyenas. Hippos. Elephants. The works. It was exhilarating, and exhausting. Our last dawn arrived. 5 a.m., dark and freezing. We’d already done five 4 hour game drives over two and a half days. It was knackering. We were leaving at 11a.m. for Johannesburg. Should we get up early for one more drive? Or had we had enough?

“Let’s do it!” we agreed, and so fate brought us to Woody Allen. Because it was Woody who once said this, a most profound truth, and a real message to realizing your potential.

Vidal Sassoon Told Me This Key To Success- Have You Got It?

Hairdressing icon Vidal Sassoon died a couple of days ago. To hairdressers, he was quite simply a rock star. But it was something he told me almost 20 years ago that I want to share with you today. It startled me when he said it, and the truth of it resounds just as powerfully today. See if you agree.

Vidal Sassoon – self-made, highly driven and from a grindingly poor background – revolutionized the hairdressing craft. His obituary in The Sydney Morning Herald read: “ An astute businessman, he made a fortune from his salons and products, and became a household name.”

I was having lunch with him during a promotional tour we were coordinating in the mid-1990s. I asked him about his success and fame. And it was then that he told me a simple truth that not only underpins my approach to my career and life, but is something I have shared with as many people as I can. This is what Vidal told me.

I Am Ashamed Of My Greatest Failing-But At Last I Am Beating It

What do WD-40 ( a type of grease lubricant), an amazingly successful entrepreneur, and my greatest failing in life all have in common? Calm down! This is NOT an R rated story. It’s a story about fear. Maybe it will help you beat yours? Read right to the end – there’s a surprise there for you.

I had breakfast last week with an inspiring and highly successful young entrepreneur, Creel Price. He sold one of his businesses a few years ago for $100 million. (He paid for breakfast.) From his website www.creelprice.com :

“Creel developed his serial entrepreneurial nature from the age of 11 when he started a strawberry business that within two years was employing both his parents. … Creel recently established the Club Kidpreneur Foundation, a social enterprise committed to assisting youths start and grow their own micro-enterprises in order that one day they may choose entrepreneurship as a career.”

“What’s the point of Kidpreneur?” I asked him. And the first sentence of his answer summed up one of my greatest failings, and greatest fears.

The iron man’s secret to business success in 2012

I learnt a tip from an Iron Man last week that has turned my world upside down. This insight, so simple yet so powerful- has absolutely changed the way I am viewing 2012 and chances of success in tough times. I have never felt more optimistic. Here’s why.

Read the papers. Listen to the news. If you are in business, it’s all gloom and doom. Economic woes everywhere: businesses under heavy pressure. It’s hard not to get pessimistic about the outlook for 2012.

Unless, that is, you have heard this advice from former Iron Man great Trevor Hendy. For those not familiar with Iron Men, they are supreme surf lifesavers who also compete in complex surf sport competitions.

I heard the story second hand. But here’s the essence.