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How To Use Tomatoes To Explode Your Efficiency

Here’s a simple idea that will make a massive difference to your effectiveness and efficiency. It sounds weird. I tried it. And- it works! It’s a 60 second read that will save you many hours of time. Give it a go!

I was preparing for a series of speeches I am giving around Australia this month. I’m using my six months ‘gardening leave’ to ‘give back’ to others. Sharing learnings is how best I can do that. I had at least two hours of hard work to do to update a presentation to make it current and extra valuable. I was struggling to get started. The task felt big. Then I remembered Kuba’s weird advice at breakfast two months ago.”Enjoy tomatoes if you want to turbo your effectiveness,” he’d said. What he meant was this:

How To Get What You Want- Every Time!

There’s something I do at the start of most meetings that often shocks those there. Some love it. Some hate it. It’s a recipe, though, for getting what you want- in business, and in life. Do you do it?

My current working day is filled with meetings- often 10 to 12 in a day. Some I set up. Usually, given my role, it’s others who have asked to see me- colleagues, potential partners, industry associates, general contacts. I have to move through them quickly, efficiently, and with focus and momentum.

So I often start meetings others have asked for with this question: “Before we begin, tell me this- if you had a magic wand, what would happen at the end of the meeting- what is it you want from me or want me to do?” It’s a concept I encourage all to embrace. Do it for yourselves. This is what I mean. This is the habit I encourage you- and me- to do a lot more of.

The Secret To Having More Time In Your Life- And It Works!

A book winks at me daily from my bookcase. It’s titled “In Praise of Slowness- Challenging The Cult of Speed”. Problem is, I have been too flat out to read it. But I now have the answer to finding that time. It’s magical, and it works. Do you have it?

I have another book on my bookshelf. “The Power Of Less- The Fine Art Of Limiting Yourself To The Essential…. In Business And In Life.” I haven’t read that one either. No time. In fact, I have a hundred books on this bookshelf I have not read. Just too much else to do.

I pride myself on my relentless, persistent focus to get more of the important things done every day. Today is a case in point… a huge ‘urgent and important’ To Do list, plus I have a Possums blog post to write. How the hell am I going to get it all done? Then I remembered the words of my colleague Alan Higgins, who told me that- while he too is obsessed with “To Do’ lists, he’s even more obsessed with this secret to being highly effective and efficient. Here it what Alan does:

I Screwed My Most Valuable Asset – Have You Screwed Yours?

I have always taken on too much. The control freak in me? Or an incredible insecurity to prove myself? I dread not keeping promises or repaying even a $10 debt: am obsessed with lists and productivity. Frankly- I’ve screwed up massively. Don’t make this same massive mistake. Here it how, and why.

Too much to do. Never enough time. Know that feeling? It does not matter how hard and efficiently I work, I always have a never decreasing set of lists needing action… on various aspects of my job, my family, home, health, financial admin, networks, and the lists go on. I work relentlessly. My days are filled with meetings- that’s part of my role; there is no shortage of senior executives who ask for time, clients who demand it or industry contacts to keep in touch with. And around those meetings a constant stream of ‘to do’s’.

I rarely have time for ‘me’. It just seemed impossible to ‘fit it all in’. Until I heard this sage advice from a South African business tycoon who spoke at a conference I was speaking at in Africa in July. It has revolutionized my thinking. This is what he said:

Why eating frogs are the key to success

I read once that eating a frog every morning would help me achieve more. I tried it. It’s not pleasant, but it sure as heck works. Here’s why.

Apologies to the Firebrand blog followers who heard a version of this story a few weeks ago. It’s such a valuable tip that I wanted to share it with the 2,500 Wrestling Possums subscribers who might not have.

If anyone ever asked my view on the key to success in business, my answer I fear would disappoint.

It’s this one habit that has helped me stay one step ahead and get the opportunities that have come my way. And it’s a habit which might leave you under whelmed. So be it. Here it is.