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The Best Advice You Will Get All Year

The new year is winking optimism, opportunity, freshness and renewal at us all. And to help make 2018 a great year, I am again sharing brilliant advice. Promise. Here it is.

I repeat this same post every Christmas. It’s that important. And somehow, I always seem to do a pretty poor job at following its key message.

I know if I can do this, it will make this year a triumph of mindfulness and happiness. It can for you too. If you’re up for it. Here’s that gem.

Replace FOMO With JOMO- A Simple Trick To A Better You

I did something this weekend so outrageous that I am still in shock about it. I think it’s legal. Not sure. It sure was difficult to do. I liked it. And will do it again. Want to join me? It’s a bit embarrassing, though – here’s what I did.

Andrew Denton is an iconic Australian comic and creative leader. He wrote an article at the weekend about FOMO… Fear Of Missing Out. FOMO, as you might know, is the term given to all those addicted to technology and social media, desperate to know the latest update now, instantly, about everyone and everything.

As usual, Denton had a twist. You see, he has invented a new word that suggests a different concept altogether. And it was a perfect match to what I did at the weekend. His new word? : JOMO. Here’s what it means:

The Secret To Having More Time In Your Life- And It Works!

A book winks at me daily from my bookcase. It’s titled “In Praise of Slowness- Challenging The Cult of Speed”. Problem is, I have been too flat out to read it. But I now have the answer to finding that time. It’s magical, and it works. Do you have it?

I have another book on my bookshelf. “The Power Of Less- The Fine Art Of Limiting Yourself To The Essential…. In Business And In Life.” I haven’t read that one either. No time. In fact, I have a hundred books on this bookshelf I have not read. Just too much else to do.

I pride myself on my relentless, persistent focus to get more of the important things done every day. Today is a case in point… a huge ‘urgent and important’ To Do list, plus I have a Possums blog post to write. How the hell am I going to get it all done? Then I remembered the words of my colleague Alan Higgins, who told me that- while he too is obsessed with “To Do’ lists, he’s even more obsessed with this secret to being highly effective and efficient. Here it what Alan does:

The Hardest Habit Of All – Are You Able To Do it?

Here’s a habit I am going to try really, really hard to do this year. Already I know I am failing at it. It’s not easy. For me anyway. But it is a key to a successful year at work – with just about everything really. Are you able to do it? Here it is.

Yesterday, I spent the day with my colleagues, at one of our vitally important Fresh Air sessions- where we go offsite, suck in some air, and talk for hours across a range of critical business priorities.

We debated the myriad of opportunities and issues on our plates as we planned a successful 2013. The day progressed. The list lengthened. Then we paused: and reflected. “Hang on- let’s review that list and ensure we follow the hardest habit of all.” And this is what we did.

I Screwed My Most Valuable Asset – Have You Screwed Yours?

I have always taken on too much. The control freak in me? Or an incredible insecurity to prove myself? I dread not keeping promises or repaying even a $10 debt: am obsessed with lists and productivity. Frankly- I’ve screwed up massively. Don’t make this same massive mistake. Here it how, and why.

Too much to do. Never enough time. Know that feeling? It does not matter how hard and efficiently I work, I always have a never decreasing set of lists needing action… on various aspects of my job, my family, home, health, financial admin, networks, and the lists go on. I work relentlessly. My days are filled with meetings- that’s part of my role; there is no shortage of senior executives who ask for time, clients who demand it or industry contacts to keep in touch with. And around those meetings a constant stream of ‘to do’s’.

I rarely have time for ‘me’. It just seemed impossible to ‘fit it all in’. Until I heard this sage advice from a South African business tycoon who spoke at a conference I was speaking at in Africa in July. It has revolutionized my thinking. This is what he said:

Why eating frogs are the key to success

I read once that eating a frog every morning would help me achieve more. I tried it. It’s not pleasant, but it sure as heck works. Here’s why.

Apologies to the Firebrand blog followers who heard a version of this story a few weeks ago. It’s such a valuable tip that I wanted to share it with the 2,500 Wrestling Possums subscribers who might not have.

If anyone ever asked my view on the key to success in business, my answer I fear would disappoint.

It’s this one habit that has helped me stay one step ahead and get the opportunities that have come my way. And it’s a habit which might leave you under whelmed. So be it. Here it is.