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Why I Will Never Achieve My Potential

I know I could achieve more. But I haven’t. And won’t. I know why. Will you suffer my fate?

I am so grateful for what I’ve managed to do and achieve in my little career to date. Yet I am plagued with a sense I missed the boat. It’s entirely my own doing. What shackles me, and continues to do so, is my obsession with an Aussie expression and attitude that has helped me – and through emotion and arrogance, has held me back. Here it is.

My Heartfelt Advice To The Graduates On How To Triumph For Yourself

“You have to bring your ‘A game’ when it really counts, Chris,” cautioned my colleague before a critical meeting. He was off track. Adding value is NOT about nailing big moments. That helps. But THIS is what REALLY counts if you want to have a great career.

I have been preparing a speech to give to a group of ‘communications’ graduates soon, when I chanced upon an article about the greatness of All Black rugby captain Richie McCaw. One sentence summed up the most critical ingredient to his awesome success, and to career success- and will form the message of my talk to the graduates. Here it is:

A Simple Lesson From Calvin Klein To Help You Achieve Great Things

The image of a bronzed Adonis-like man, clad only in white briefs, got me very excited last week. My heart pumped faster. I was inspired. Energised. And I bet you feel the same way when you read why this happened to me. Here is that story.

The darkened seminar room at the Cannes Creativity Conference was a sanctuary, away from the glare of a brutal six months of relentless pressure, tough issues and a unforgiving workload. I was feeling depleted, and two days of presentations from global thought leaders on their insights on ‘what’s now and what’s next’ had failed to lift my spirits. Until the global Chief Creative Officer of Calvin Klein took the stage at an ‘off Broadway’ session, to explain how the company had built a global brand. What a story.

She then outlined the business’s four core operating guidelines- and it was Value Number 2 that grabbed my attention. I just loved it. It was the inspiration I needed to lift my head and say: “YES! Let’s get cracking.” Here is what that key Calvin Klein guideline says:

Listen To This- The Most Powerful Tip I Know For Business Success

When my colleague says these four powerful words of advice, I know they are pure gold. Yet I struggle to follow them. If you want to succeed in whatever you do, then don’t be like me. Listen to him, and embrace these four magical words. Here they are.

First, a story. Tom Peters says this: “I hate MBA programs but if I was to design my own MBA program it would have two streams…Strategic Listening One and Strategic Listening Two.” Peters knows being a great listener is the key to being effective, adding value, making a contribution.

Now- before you tune out, do you want to know his four ‘golden’ words of advice on how to become an outstanding listener? I do. I need to. I am a poor listener. Very good with clients. Poor with colleagues – though I am improving (with real effort and hard work). If I want to turbo my improvement, I have to follow these big four words of pure gold counsel to becoming a great listener. Here they are:

How to refresh your personal brand in 2012 – 4 easy steps

If you want to make the year ahead a GREAT YEAR for your career and growth, then read this post. You’ll learn in two minutes the four key steps needed to sharpen your personal brand at work. Do this, and 2012 will see your career thrive.

To maintain great personal brands with colleagues, we need to work constantly on these four vital ingredients to personal branding success.

Hugo Boss, Emirates, Audi, Moet et Chandon, Apple. When we hear these words, we immediately get a feeling about the product: a perception, made up by many considerations. That’s branding.

We’re all ‘brands’, whether we like it or not. When your name is mentioned in business, those there get that instant feeling about you- their perception of you as a professional brand. Personal brands are not stagnant- when you start a new role or get promoted, you have to start again with your brand- and build it afresh. Here’s how to do it.

The most important lesson from the life of Steve Jobs (why we need nutters, pirates and positive deviants to succeed)

The most important lesson from the life of Steve Jobs for those of us in professional services and consulting worlds is not what you’d expect. Yet for me, it is what I’ll always remember Jobs for, more than anything else. Here it is.

University of Pennsylvania president Amy Gutmann wrote: “The challenge of leadership is not to fit in. It’s to have combined passion with purpose, and the most inspiring and successful leaders, I think, don’t fit in.”

Steve Jobs did not fit in. His legacy endorses my recent guest post for Firebrand Talent’s blogs entitled:” Why We Need Nutters, Pirates, and Positive Deviants To Succeed.”

As a tribute to Steve Jobs-and with apologies to dual Possums/Firebrand Talent subscribers, here is that story. It’s my favourite.