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Are you getting enough ROL?

LOL! We all need lots of ROL in our lives. I have lashing of it at the moment. It’s critical to keep thriving. Do you have your share? WTF? Read on to find out.

It’s said ‘luck’ is when opportunity and preparation coincide. That happened to me recently. I got lucky, and was ‘forced’ to do some serious homework on a very topical issue. I did a good job, and created content of real value. What’s key is whether I get maximum leverage from this good fortune. I need to do this brilliantly:

My Weekend From Hell – A Screw Up and a Lesson For All

I have spent an awful weekend – in total dismay at how I could have let myself and others down so badly. I can’t believe I have made the same mistake again. It is unforgiveable. Really. I have failed. Here’s my sad story. It’s a major lesson for business and life.

I am always ready to tell all, through my Possums posts and in business, how brilliant and wise I am and how I have learnt so many great lessons in my 30 years in business. You know it- you read this stuff!

So I need to fess up when I screw up. And today I have my head bowed and tail firmly between my legs. I failed to learn from the past. I forgot the lessons of previous stuff ups. We have to learn from our mistakes, and ensure we don’t make them again. Yet I did exactly that- and I am ashamed by it. Here’s the massive mistake I made. In fact- there are two of them. Here they are:

Never Make This Fatal Mistake – Do It Once And Lose Forever

I was quite literally shattered last week when someone did something that shocked me very deeply. I was dismayed. Stunned. It hurt me personally, but hurt them much, much more. This person made one of the biggest mistakes we can make in life. Avoid it at all costs. Please. Here it is.

I wrote a post about Australian business icon David Gonski, who once said to me: “Staying pissed off is a luxury in business.” I have had to remind myself of this these past few days. Happily, I am now reconciled. Because I realize the person who pissed me off actually hurt himself far more than anyone else.

Quite simply, this person broke the most fundamental rule to building a business career and –many would say- a life to be proud of. Fail this rule, and you will not be remembered well. To succeed, this must be the basis of everything you do. Here it is: