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The Rabbi, Jesus, and Le Rat: The Solution To A Key Leadership Dilemma

Having good judgment is impossible to teach. So I thought, until I heard this story. I was at the Bat Mitzvah of the daughter of close Jewish friends. The Rabbi told a story about Jesus. “Eureka!” I yelled in my head. “That’s the answer to learning the hardest skill emerging leaders have to master.” It’s so simple, yet so powerful. Here it is.

The biggest barrier to would-be leaders achieving their goals is perceived lack of sound judgment.

We are given leadership positions because our bosses trust our judgment … that at key moments of truth, we will make the right call. This skill comes naturally to some, and often evolves with experience.

Now- I have never known how to best coach emerging leaders on how to develop judgment. Until I heard this story. Here it is, as told by the Rabbi.

10 vital habits of client service ninjas

To grow successful careers in services firms or deliver to your internal ‘clients’ in a world class fashion, we have to recapture and relentlessly implement an attitude sadly missing from many in business today. Without it, we will fail. Here it is, and the 10 Vital Habits of the very best professionals I know.

Winning clients is far easier than keeping them. Chuck Porter, the founder of iconic agency Crispin Porter Bogusky, told the 2010 Cannes Creativity Festival his secrets to building a great agency. “Hire Client Ninjas” was a key point: talented executives who live and breathe delivering outstanding service and value to the client. Keeping clients is the key to building a big business.

Here’s how to do it.

The holy grail of consulting – do this and triumph

“We have to become a partner with our clients.” Dream on, says I. In 27 years working on clients, not one has ever viewed me as a partner: always as a supplier. Here’s why, and here’s how to become an indispensable supplier.

Becoming ‘partners with clients’ gets talked about a lot in agency world, but it has never happened to me. We’ve had deep, enduring client relationships, but none crossed the line to true partnership. Why do I say that? I always knew that if we stuffed up two times in a row (maybe three at a pinch), we’d be out. That’s not partnership- it’s a supplier relationship.

Our mission has to be to become our client’s most valuable, most indispensable supplier. To achieve this, we have to become TRUSTED ADVISORS. Here’s how.

Is it ever ok to lie to a client?

“Is it ever ok to lie to a client?” I asked this of close to a thousand professional services executives on a recent ‘How To Delight Clients” road show, and was surprised by the overwhelmingly consistent response.

Will it surprise you? Read on…

In training executives with aspirations for successful long-term consulting careers, it’s a question best discussed and answered early, openly and fully. That’s why we asked it on the road show. And that’s why I thought it worthwhile raising on Wrestling Possums.

Getting it wrong can spell disaster, so learn the lesson early- and share it, often.

Here’s the overwhelmingly consistent response from the almost one thousand people I’ve asked.

Usher, tattoos, taxis – three top tips to keep clients wanting more

By being in the mosh pit at rock concerts, I am a better, more ‘in demand’ and vibrant client adviser. Sounds weird? Maybe- but it’s true. Here’s why.

Pink’s was bouncy, young, optimistic, inspiring. Kings of Leon grungy, alcohol-city and smelling of vomit. I saw stuff at Usher I am still trying to process. Leonard Cohen? Well- the crowd was so old we were all seated! Point is- I learnt an enormous amount at every one of these events.

Here’s the rub. We have to work hard every day to ‘feed our minds’, and keep connected to the real world around us- the audiences and sub-cultures our clients or organisations are selling products to. Here are my three top tips to do just that…

“Stop being so bloody busy” The best advice I’ve received

When one of the most impressive advertising leaders in the world told me to “Stop Being So Bloody Busy”, his words had a profound impact, and changed the way I operate.

Miles Young, now the global CEO of Ogilvy, opened his speech to the regional PR leadership meeting in Cambodia with: “Now- here’s my message: please, stop being so bloody busy.” When he explained what he meant, it was clear his advice was invaluable.

It’s advice that has made me slow down… to stop and think…and has helped me become a much better Trusted Advisor, and friend. Here’s how Miles explained himself.