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A Cool Cat’s Diet For A Better Future

I don’t like cats. They make me sneeze. But this cat took me by the hand and led me to optimism and hope. No kidding. Here’s what happened.

Well, it was not The Cat In The Hat himself. But his author, Dr Seuss. I was feeling very flat. A series of setbacks. Nothing major. Just turbulence eroding confidence and hope. I took time out. Went into a bookshop. There I picked up a Dr Seuss book of quotes to help young adults handle the speed bumps of life. Two very simple quotes got me (a somewhat older adult) back on track. Here they are:

The Guiding Hand To Happiness We Ignore

Here’s a brutal truth. We all have a constant and powerful guide to tell us exactly what we need to do to build happiness and success. Yet we ignore it. I sure as heck do. Bet you do too. Here it is.

There are two aspects of my life right now that are making me very unhappy. One is a relationship which needs my focus, patience and engagement. The other is my weight and fitness. Both are absolutely within my power to take action on, and to make fast progress. I also know that making a start on each would have an immediate, big and positive impact on my life… on my energy, optimism, peace of mind, momentum and happiness.

And yet I do nothing. I look at these two issues as if a spectator. Removed. Watching. Waiting. Yet motionless. Why? Here lies that brutal truth. Does it hold true for you?

A Guaranteed, Proven Way To Achieving Goals- Every Time

I have tried every diet under the sun. Sadly, my self-discipline has never been strong enough to achieve long term results. But there was one time when I did really well. And the reason for that success is a great lesson for achieving goals. So simple. So powerful. Here it is.

OK. I know it simply comes down to eating less and moving more. But easier said than done. For me, anyway. I struggle with managing a healthy weight. Such a simple issue to fix. Yet I find it incredibly hard. I comfort eat. Balloon out. Then I do a weight loss ‘blitz’, lose 10 kgs, feel great, get busy, get stressed, and kapow! Those jeans I put in the ‘throw out’ pile as they were hanging off the ‘new’ me….well, they are back on, top button undone as it can’t be done up.

But one system did have a longer term effect. That was Weight Watchers. It really did work, for months- until I stopped going to the weekly meetings. And in that single statement is the magic to achieving goals. Simple. Powerful. Needs discipline to do. Here it is