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The Very First and Most Critical Ingredient To Success

It’s more than 35 years since my dear friend Shandy departed this world, aged 9. I am reflecting today how Shandy would have been a triumph at business, because he knew the essence of the first and most critical ingredient to success. Do you know what it is? Shandy did. And he was a dog. Read on.

I was grumpy last week.

After almost three weeks of traveling, I was back in Sydney, desperate to spend time in the office. Instead, I had to depart home early for a 1.5 hour freeway peak hour crawl west to visit for the first time the warehousing facility of a hugely successful logistics business we’d invested in (a critical step in delivering outstanding merchandising solutions capabilities to clients). We eventually arrived. I walked gloomily into reception when, suddenly, my spirits lifted. I began to feel excited about the five hours ahead. Because greeting me by name, beaming, was the most welcoming person I’d ever met. She knew my name, made me laugh, offered coffee, sat me down, explained the plot, and generally made me feel totally at home, and wanted.

Joy (that’s her name), you see, has become expert at the very first and most critical ingredient to success. So much so that she wears this capability as a badge of honor. Joy has become expert in this one key skill:

Why Coming Second Will Help Ensure You Win- Every Time

I have always believed to succeed in business, ‘being first’ would be a bloody good place to start. But I was wrong. The fact is, coming second, or even third, is critical to succeeding in business and often, in life. Here’s why.

Malcolm Gladwell spoke about it at the Cannes Creativity Festival in June 2011: how innovators often are not the ones who end up commercializing their innovations. Rather, someone else sees it, tweaks it, refines it, popularizes it, and makes a fortune out of it. Think “Steve Jobs , the mouse, icons and stealing Xerox’s great ideas…” Jobs stole the ideas and made them great. He made a fortune out of this.

I liked the concept, but did not really understand the point, until I read this great quote from an Australian rugby union legend, John Eales, who said:

Coco Chanel’s Secret To Winning Presentations – Every Time!

I have always rated myself (so modestly) as quite brilliant at new business pitches, and at structuring presentations to win. Deluded fool that I am! This became abundantly clear when I read this story about Coco Chanel. I suddenly realized how naive I was, and how badly I had got it wrong. Here’s the story.

I loved the theatre and acting as a young man. So new business pitches were an aspect of business I was immediately seduced by. The thrill of the chase, the creativity of shaping a great presentation, the fun of rehearsing, the theatre and drama of the pitch. That delicious taste of victory.

I spent years gathering techniques to deliver the perfect pitch, and to structure presentations so they are irresistible persuasive. The hit rate has been pretty good. It would have been much higher if I had heard this story about fashion icon Coco Chanel at the beginning of the journey. Here it is.

Eight steps to making new business part of your DNA

Keeping that all-important new revenues pipeline full is the stuff of nightmares for business owners. But getting it right is key to survival. And if you help your boss win business, your career will sky-rocket. Here’s how to do it.

Making ‘Pipeline’ part of your business’s DNA is key to success and survival.

Identifying, nurturing and then converting new business revenue can be one of the most thrilling parts of our business. It’s also critical. The Pipeline must always be full, no matter how busy we are at any given time. The busyness suddenly ends as projects wrap up. You look into the Pipe and there’s nothing there. Oh dear.

Here are EIGHT STEPS to making Pipeline part of your DNA.

Top 5 ways to get that all important first date

Cold calling a prospective new client is petrifying. It’s like phoning someone you hardly know and asking them out. Yet there are better ways to getting a ‘date’ with a prospect than resorting to that awful phone call. Here’s how to do it.

I still have nightmares about phoning girls and asked them out. Why? Because, if they said ‘no’ (which sadly was not infrequent), it was back to therapy for me!

We all fear rejection. And in business, it’s simply not easy to ask someone you don’t know to meet with you, when you both know you are (all bullshit aside) after but one thing- their money!

Yet to drive new revenues and indeed careers, being great at nailing that first critical meeting with prospects is a powerful asset.

Here are five of the best tips I know to get that first all important meeting with a prospect without always having to make that hand trembling phone call.

Three words to win ‘most boring thing in life’ contests

Guaranteed you often help create the most boring experience any human can be forced to endure. Here’s what it is, and also three words that will solve this forever.

Watching a two hour music concert of four year olds you’re not related to? Reading ancient ‘Knitting Weekly’ magazines in the doctor’s waiting rooms? Watching grass grow? None of these compare to what you make your colleagues and clients suffer when you, quite simply, bore their socks off. How do you do it? Same way I do.

By giving mind-numbingly boring presentations. Come on now – you know you do it. But fear not! Help is at hand. Here’s the one sure-fire way to guarantee yours will be the presentation everyone wants to turn up to!