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How To Keep The Phone Ringing

I was reminded of the biggest driver of success when giving a speech while sick as a dog last week. It keeps my phone ringing. Do you do it?

I pulled this post yesterday just as Martine was pushing ’send’. I lost my nerve, fearing it sounded boastful. Forgive me please if it does. I don’t mean it to be. It’s just a reminder of what drives success. So here it is. Shared with love.

Now, my IQ is about average. (Apparently my EQ is much worse than that!). Here’s the point. I manage to continue to thrive in my little corner of my little industry because I commit to one habit. Muhammad Ali summed it up with this powerful statement:

The Charging Black Rhino and Woody Allen = A Secret to Success

The Black Rhino was about 20 metres away, pissed off, traveling fast, horn lowered for action, and charging right at me. Did my life flash before me? Strangely not- all I could think of was Woody Allen. True. Here’s why. And it is a major lesson in life.

Each morning early (5.30 a.m.) and in the afternoon, we’d go out in to the game reserve in an open air jeep searching for game, with a guide and ranger. We saw amazing things. Leopards up a tree with a kill (dead impala), with four lions trying to climb it. Lions mating. Leopards fighting with hyenas. Hippos. Elephants. The works. It was exhilarating, and exhausting. Our last dawn arrived. 5 a.m., dark and freezing. We’d already done five 4 hour game drives over two and a half days. It was knackering. We were leaving at 11a.m. for Johannesburg. Should we get up early for one more drive? Or had we had enough?

“Let’s do it!” we agreed, and so fate brought us to Woody Allen. Because it was Woody who once said this, a most profound truth, and a real message to realizing your potential.

The Three Vital Ingredients To Happiness- At Work, and In Life

Woody Allen once said something like “80% of the secret to success is just turning up.” I ‘turned up’ once to a talk by someone billed as ‘the world wide expert on happiness.’ I left an hour later a changed man. And have had a much happier life ever since. Here are the three key tips I learnt that day.

His name is Dr Martin Seligman. He’s the Director of The Positive Psychology Center at The University of Pennsylvania. In essence he’s spent much of his career researching and helping people suffering from depression. Through this work he gained deep insight into ‘happiness’ and resilience, and has shaped theories around this which I wanted to hear more about.

So one cold winter night I went with my brother-in-law to his lecture in downtown Sydney. It was life changing. This is what he told us.

Usher, tattoos, taxis – three top tips to keep clients wanting more

By being in the mosh pit at rock concerts, I am a better, more ‘in demand’ and vibrant client adviser. Sounds weird? Maybe- but it’s true. Here’s why.

Pink’s was bouncy, young, optimistic, inspiring. Kings of Leon grungy, alcohol-city and smelling of vomit. I saw stuff at Usher I am still trying to process. Leonard Cohen? Well- the crowd was so old we were all seated! Point is- I learnt an enormous amount at every one of these events.

Here’s the rub. We have to work hard every day to ‘feed our minds’, and keep connected to the real world around us- the audiences and sub-cultures our clients or organisations are selling products to. Here are my three top tips to do just that…